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Naxos map

Map of Naxos: main holiday resorts

Naxos Map

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands at around 19km by 13km, a total area of 430 sq km. and a coastline of 150km.

The population of Naxos stands at around 16,000 with the largest settlement at Naxos Town (Hora) which has about 6,500 people living there.

Naxos is also the most fertile of the Cyclades island group and has a good supply of water from natural springs. As a result agriculture, not tourism, plays the biggest part in the island economy.

Naxos is known for its crops of vegetables, notably potatoes, citrus fruit, olives and cattle breeding . Naxos also produces cherries, cheese, nuts, pomegranates, figs and corn. The main agricultural areas are at Engares, Melanes and Potamia.

Naxos is also known for its high quality marble and several large marble quarries can be found. The island was also once known for its emery and the industrial remains can be found around Moutsouna on the east coast.

The landscape of Naxos is very varied, from high mountain ranges to lush fertile valleys. The highest peak is Mt Zas at 1,004m.


Naxos map facts: basic information on Naxos island


Naxos holiday weather: when to go to on a Naxos holiday

Naxos has a typically Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny and dry summers and mild but wetter winters. In July expect up to 13 hrs sunshine daily and temperatures in the high 20's to a record maximum of 38°C. There are no wet days in July and August and normally only one wet day each in June and September.

Summer weather in Naxos

Naxos summer temperatures, from June to September ,average around 27-29°C during the day and usually stay over 20°C at night. Fresh seas breezes help to keep it from feeling oppressively hot and nights are generally pleasant for sleeping. Summers are usually completely dry and without any appreciable rainfall.

Winter weather in Naxos

Winters temperatures ,from December to February, are mostly around14-15°C by day and drop to 9-10°C at night. Most of the rain on Naxos falls in the winter months with heavy rain showers occurring mainly in December.

141417192227292927231915Day °C
88912151920222016129Night °C
23578101097532UV Index
167129823018400106899168Rain (mm)
121097310015712Rainy days

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