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Map of Paros

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Paros is the third biggest island in the Cyclades group and lies about 8km west of Naxos. It includes many uninhabited offshore islets as well as its near neighbour Antiparos to the south-west.

Paros is around 165 sq km and roughly leaf shaped, about 21k long by 16km wide with a single central mountain Agios Illias (724m) surrounded by coastal plains on all sides.

The two biggest population centres are on the north-west coast at the capital Parikia and at Naoussa, while the island's best beaches lie to the south-east. Paros has a permanent population of about 13,000.

Paros was noted for it's fine translucent white marble and several quarries lie in the north of the island.

Antiparos is a long, thin island with an area of 38 sq km. It highest point is Profitis Ilias at 300m.


Paros map facts: basic information on Paros island


Paros weather: when to go to on a Paros holiday

The weather in Paros Greece is similar to that in the other islands of the Cyclades- typically Mediterranean, with hot and sunny summers followed by mild winters. Long, dry summers and low winter rainfall can make many of the Cyclades look burned out and barren in the high season but the rich, fertile soils of the Paros plains keep much of the island looking relatively green.

Summer weather in Paros

April and May have pleasant sunny days when the beaches are not crowded. June sees temperatures rise sharply with July and August significantly hotter and highs of over 30°C some days. In August the strong meltemi wind gives cooling breezes especially on the north, east and west coasts.

Winter weather in Paros

Autumn brings cooler temperatures on Paros of around 19°C and the rainy season starts in October when rainfall gradually increases until it peaks in December and January. January and February are the coldest months at an average 11°C.

131316182227292925221714Day °C
9910121519222219161310Night °C
45781013141311754Sun (hrs)
2356891097533UV Index
946658251442211506394Rain (mm)
121097520036812Rainy days

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