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Visitor reviews of resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas from visitors on holiday on the Greek island of Paros. Have you been to Paros this year? I welcome all opinions on holidays in Paros.
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Paros Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: Apart from the charm of the two main ports, the main attraction of the island is its dozens of sandy beaches, dotted all the way round the island but particularly good in the north and east. The landscape, if not memorably spectacular, has a tranquil agricultural beauty.

Bad: The main waterfront (at Paroikia) has no great charm; bare concrete promenade, loud cocktail bars and fast food restaurants on one side of the ferry quay, and a messy zone of garages and fishing harbour on the other . . . The edge of the town has seen the development of anonymous modern beach resort (hotels, restaurants and shops) on a small grid of streets.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: Paros has a little of everything one expects from a Greek island - old villages, monasteries, fishing harbours, a labyrinthine capital and some of the best nightlife and beaches in the Aegean.

Bad: Paroikia is awash with a constant stream of ferry passengers and the town is relentlessly commercial. The busy waterfront is jam packed with bars, restaurants, hotels and ticket agencies, while the maze of houses in the old quarter behind . . . has surrendered to an onslaught of chi-chi boutiques.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: The Parians have approached the boom in tourism with less fervour than there neighbours managing, against overwhelming odds, to maintain a Greek island atmosphere . . . its a fine spot to while away a few days on golden beaches and charming villages.

Bad: Not a lot.

Paros Greece holiday reviews

Paros reviews

An honest opinion on Paros

I came across your web page by accident, and very pleased I was to find it! It's so refreshing to have an honest opinion on holiday locations. But I would like to know how long it has been since you last visited Paros? I looked at your comment and pictures about Parikia, and felt slightly disgruntled about them. The seafront looks completely different now. The local council has put a lot of hard work and money into improving the look of the seafront, as have the owners of the tavernas and cafe bars. I have been visiting Paros now for seven years, twice maybe three times a year, and tourism is declining fast. The local hotels, pensions and cafe owners are all suffering. I have to say I think your website is fab, but please keep the information and photos up to date as I think I would have been put off by them.
Ruth Mavris


My frightening arrival on Paros

Although the authorities on Paros have tried to regulate the 'kamakis', there's little sign of any change. You'll still be met by the baying mob - but as long as you know what to expect and how to deal with them, you won't have a problem. But they are still there greeting every ferry arrival. I have found them a bit frightening as they surge forward at you thrusting their placards into your face and shouting and jostling you for custom. I find it best to walk through them when you arrive and wait in a nearby cafe until things have settled down a bit. Then you can 'do the rounds' and get a good bargain. Dealing with them when you have just got off the ferry, luggage in hand and with cars and bikes rolling off around you is a pretty daunting experience.
Amanda Brownlow


Parikia Paros holiday reviews

Paros Parikia reviews

How right you are with Paroikia review

How right you are about Paroikia waterfront. We booked a two-island holiday in Naxos and Paros and how different the two capital towns were. Both are bustling and busy ports but where Naxos was lively and interesting Paroikia was lifeless and boring. What a difference! That said, the rest of Paros was great and Naoussa terrific (except for the crowds - but you can't have everything). We will be back again next year but will opt for accommodation somewhere else than Paroikia. Many thanks for such a good web site.
James Alan


Pleasant port of Parikia

I'm sorry to see such a negative view of Parikia. I found it an utterly charming place full of the most welcoming and friendly people. It was a bit scruffy in places I agree, but no more than you might come to expect in such a busy port. It is also full of younger people, backpackers mostly, as this seems to be the main camping centre in the Cyclades. They added a welcoming breath of fresh air for an old fogey like me. I would heartily recommend Parikia to anyone, both as a base for exploring the Cyclades islands and on its own merit. A very pleasant sea port with a wonderful church and most pleasant frontage. It's even got a beach!
Peter Amlot


Paroikia clean and tidy

I was astonished that you think so little of Paroikia. When I visited it was clean and tidy, uncrowded and very hospitable. About time you made a return trip and saw for yourself how things have improved.
Delia Everest


Naoussa Paros holiday reviews

Paros Noussa reviews

Naoussa is great in September

Naoussa is great in September. Most of the crowds have gone and the pace is back to normal. In high summer Naoussa's like a crocodile queue of tourists from one end of the harbour to the other. Try the splendid beaches around the bay - Kolimbrethes has lots of little coves but get there early if you want a sunbed. I liked Santa Maria with its huge sandy beach and set on the headland so it looks even bigger. Beware the beach bar though unless you like disco thumping throughout the day. Great beach for watersports though. Monastiri beach in in a small bay and has been overtaken by the taverna set on the hill. Climb over the hills on the opposite side of the bay for some delightful coves.
Anna Hague


Pay a little more but Naoussa is best

Naoussa may not be too crowded in June. We were there in May/June recently and it was OK. Prices are a bit steeper but you do get a very nice selection of tavernas and bars. Nearby are the excellent beaches of Kolimbrethes, Santa Maria and Monastiri and many small coves to discover. Pay a little more and enjoy the best.


Lots going on in Naoussa

Stay in Naoussa. The town is great - it's small and quiet, but there is still a lot going on. Great restaurants and cafes and people watching. We stayed at a small place a two minute walk from the centre of town called Christina's. I highly recommend it. If you arrange ahead of time someone will pick you up at the port. The hotel was very clean and convenient and the owner, Christina, was very nice and directed us to the best beaches.
Hannah de Graaf


Don't know what all the fuss is about

I really can't understand what all the fuss is about Naoussa. Naoussa is quiet pretty I grant you but it's not worth all the raving that goes on. The houses all look the same square blocks, sometimes quite ugly, all painted blinding white and there are just too many of them to be called cute or charming. The area is flat and uninteresting. The local beach is OK, but nothing to boast about and as for the prices! There is not that much to see that you can't see in many other villages and frankly I thought some we visited were much prettier, much cleaner and much friendlier. As I say, Naoussa is quite nice but I really think it hardly warrants all the fuss that is made about it. Probably just a visit is all it is worth - and even then it's questionable facing all those crowds of day trippers.
Margaret Barker


Piso Livadi Paros holiday reviews

Piso Livadi reviews

Piso Livadi has a nice fishing harbour

We stayed in Piso Livadi last year and would recommend it. A nice little fishing harbour with a few tavernas and a couple of bars. The beach is not much to write home about, but it's only a 10 minute walk to Logaras with a long sandy blue flag beach.
Mart Hatten


Piso Livadi was a delight

Just returned from Piso Livadi on Paros and one of the best holidays we have ever had. No crowds, no stress, good food, gorgeous views - what more could you ask for? The village was really clean and neat and a delight to walk around discovering little nooks and crannies. The harbour is beautiful with all the colourful boats bobbing away and the people were so pleasant and friendly with smiling faces and couldn't do enough to please us - quite a change from the UK I can tell you. We hired a car and toured the east side of the island - beach after lovely beach - we could hardly believe it. A little paradise on earth, no mistake. The moment we got back we booked again for next year. Can't wait.
Alice Mann

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