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Skala Potamias Thassos review & map

Skala Potamias, or Skala Potamia, lies on the east coast about 10km from the port at Limenas and at the more popular southern end of the long stretch of sand at Golden Beach.

Very popular with UK holiday companies the resort has grown considerably but dust appears to have settled on most new building but apartments are dotted everywhere.

The beach is a large triangle of white, gritty sand. A small harbour lies to the south and an avenue of tavernas and cafes sits behind.

There are the usual sunbeds and watersports, although the latter are still relatively low key. The sand at Skala Potamias banks rather steeply into the sea so children must be watched, but this is still a reasonably safe beach.

The beach narrows as it heads north toward the far end of Golden Beach some two kilometers away at Skala Panagia. As the sand thins it turns to stone and grit, then to rocks along the shore where it virtually disappears as it meets the tarmac road.

The beach broadens again and rapidly becomes more sandy as it approaches the far end of Golden Beach bay where there is another small quay.

The tourist development in recent years has remained fairly low key and Skala Potamias is still very much a quiet and laid-back resort for those holiday visitors who prefer their Greek experience to come without chips and karaoke.

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Beach snapshot

  • Quiet resort
  • Sharp sand beach
  • Deepish seas
  • Sunbeds for hire
  • Tavernas nearby
  • Rooms nearby
  • Good parking
A popular family beach with good facilities and plenty of room.
Skala Potamias Thassos
White sand beach at Skala Potamias Thassos
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