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Eleni Vasiliadis

Eleni Vasiliadis, a native of the picturesque island of Corfu and co-founder of Greek Island, is a seasoned traveller, accomplished writer, and passionate advocate for Greek culture and cuisine. With an infectious zest for life and an intimate knowledge of Greeceā€™s hidden gems, Eleni seeks to inspire and guide travellers on their journey through the enchanting Greek Islands.

Armed with a degree in Hospitality Management and a palate refined by the flavors of Greece, Eleni embarked on a journey to showcase the diverse culinary scene of the Greek Islands. Her unique blend of travel advice and culinary expertise allows her to guide readers to the best eateries and tavernas, sharing delectable Greek recipes and introducing readers to local culinary traditions.

Whether it's a seafood taverna hidden away in a small Cycladic village, a traditional ouzeri in the heart of Crete, or a trendy rooftop bar in bustling Athens, Eleni knows where to find the best food and drink the Greek Islands have to offer. Her detailed and mouthwatering descriptions of Greek gastronomy have helped countless travellers discover the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine.

Eleni's passion extends beyond the plate. Her love for the Greek Islands, their vibrant culture, and their people is evident in every article she crafts. She aims to help travellers connect with the locals, delve into their traditions, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the Greek Islands.

When she's not journeying across the islands or sharing her food adventures on Greek Island, Eleni can be found in the kitchen, experimenting with traditional Greek recipes, or taking leisurely strolls along the azure shores of Corfu.

Through her articles, Eleni Vasiliadis doesn't just guide you around the Greek Islands; she helps you taste and savor them, one unforgettable meal at a time.