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Nikos Tsakiris

Hailing from the historic city of Thessaloniki, Nikos Tsakiris is a passionate explorer, seasoned writer, and co-founder of Greek Island, the definitive travel blog for the Greek Islands. With a background in archaeology and a heart full of wanderlust, Nikos embarked on his journey to uncover the myriad of stories encapsulated within the Greek Islands, sharing them with the world through his engaging writing.

Nikos has roamed the length and breadth of the Greek Islands, from the whitewashed cliffs of Santorini to the rugged terrain of Ikaria, and every place he has visited left an indelible mark on his spirit. He has a special knack for delving into the islands' rich history and mythological roots, providing readers with unique historical and cultural insights that go beyond typical travel narratives.

Having spent years exploring and understanding the Greek Islands, Nikos is well-versed with the customs, traditions, and the rhythm of life on these mesmerizing islands. He's passionate about promoting sustainable tourism and encouraging travelers to respect the environment and culture of the places they visit.

His writing not only includes guides on where to stay, eat, and visit, but also captivating tales of local legends, historical landmarks, and ancient ruins. His love for Greece's extraordinary past and vibrant present shines through in every article, stirring the curiosity of readers and igniting their desire to explore.

In his free time, you can often find Nikos strolling through the ancient ruins of Thessaloniki, captivated by a new book on Greek mythology, or cooking up a storm with traditional Greek recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Nikos Tsakiris is more than just a guide to the Greek Islands. He's your connection to the soul of Greece, inspiring you to journey deeper into the heart of the Greek islands.